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Black Lives Matter – How Businesses Can Show Their Support towards Racial Injustice

By Sneha Bokil - June 10, 2020 3 Mins Read

Black Lives Matter - How Businesses Can Show Their Support towards Racial Injustice

Businesses need to ensure they are taking serious measures to not only fight but also support racial injustice.

The brutal killing of George Floyd on May 25 has resulted in heavy protests across the US. Tech giants including Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others have made strong official statements against racial injustice. Although the recent event has raised a significant awareness, there are several ways enterprises can take measures and show they value black lives.

Be an anti-racist enterprise

First and foremost, enterprises can shut down discrimination as it is ethical and rightfully legal. Speaking out and taking action against anti-racist activities helps in bringing the necessary change in structural inequalities at the workplace. They need to make sure employees have the freedom to support and speak out openly about anti-racist activities. Enterprises can take this incident as an opportunity to change and improve their ethics.

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Prioritize revamping hiring process

Organizations can start by investing in unbiased and diversity of inclusive hiring practices.
Conducting a diversity audit is another way to reevaluate the company’s hiring process,
especially for higher roles. Furthermore, focus on advertising in specific areas that accounts for a diverse talent pool. Come up with new methods of recruitment and candidate evaluation to reduce biases even at a basic level. Tweak traditional ways of the interview and be creative in candidate evaluation.

Mental health support is a necessity

As per experts, racism plays a major role in affecting employee mental health. There are several ethnic minorities that are affected by mental health issues. It is essential to create an approachable as well supportive work environment where employees can have open
conversations and discussions about challenges faced due to racism. Several times, an
unknowingly created hostile work environments can scare employees to share their
experiences and implement change. They need to ensure they have culturally competent
resources that will support employees. Manage mental health practices fosters a culture that is consciously supportive of all.

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It is commendable that organizations have come forward and supported the Black Lives Matter movement. However, they need to go beyond issuing empty statements about diversity inclusion and show actual commitment towards the issue. Enterprises need to unite and pledge to bring up change at the workplace in terms of racial injustice. Showing support on social media for a day and turning a blind eye towards the bigger problem is not enough.

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