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AWS Makes Key Announcement at re: Invent 2021

By Vishal Muktewar - December 03, 2021 3 Mins Read

AWS Makes Key Announcement at re Invent 2021-01

Adam Selipsky made some interesting announcements during this year’s re: Invent. Incorporating these technologies into their development will surely help their enterprises to boost their infrastructure.

Adam Selipsky

The re: Invent 2021 event has introduced organizations to one of the latest innovations in the enterprise landscape. AWS CEO Adam Selipsky’s keynote has announced a lot of stuff ranging from rapidly-deployable private 5G to a no-code machine learning workflow that organizations can incorporate into their business operations.


Introducing the latest hardware and chips

It began with the discussion of how AWS’s EC2 can be a game-changer for organizations. The discussion went in-depth with how Arm-based Gravitron chips have been built, along with the announcement of the Gravitron 3 chip.

The new arm-based chip is 25% faster than the Gravitron 2 on the general computer workloads. Additionally, it is two times faster than scientific floating-point calculations, which is 3X faster for general machine learning workloads and utilizes 60% less energy than the previous generation chip.

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C7g forEC2 was the first instance when the Gravitron 3 was announced, alongside its general availability in the preview. Furthermore, Seplisky talked about new EC2 instances for the Trainium machine learning chip of AWS in addition to Gravitron 3 and instance type. These can be clustered collectively in the tens of thousands to meet the intense training and ML needs.

AWS also declared the rollout of new Outpost form factors, making them available for its AWS Outpost service. Selipsky stated that these new outposts are built to operate in rough conditions.

Next up was the announcement of the AWS Private 5G service, which straddles along with hardware products and services. This new product will enable customers to easily set up while allowing them to scale private 5G in days instead of months. This service will arrive with a pay-as-you-go service for all hardware and SIM cards required to develop a network.

Additional services announced

One one, the key highlights of Selipsky’s keynote was the addition of new services or features added to the existing AWS services. Selipsky introduced small services that include serverless as well as on-demand analytics options for MSK, EMR, RedShift, and Kinesis that can be scaled as required.

Amazon also made key announcements, including a new automated digital twin-making service available in preview, known as AWS IoT TwinMaker. Built for industrial and manufacturing uses, AWS IoT TwinMaker is primarily used where digital twinning has priority in analytics. This can be connected to IoT sensors as well as devices to gather data, model and develop a digital twin.

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A new service, also known as IoT FleetWise, was also introduced for collecting data from smart vehicle sensors for analytics. It is designed to gather near real-time vehicle sensor data to provide reports on aspects such as autonomous driving performance, fleet health, and so on.

The center of attention of the re: Invent 2021 were SageMaker Canvas and AWS Mainframe Modernization Service.

A no-code module for SageMaker, Amazon SageMaker Canvas utilizes a point-and-click interface that lets users easily walk through the entire development process and utilize machine learning workflow. On the other hand, the Mainframe Modernization Service’s launch saw the mainframes and COBOL back to the news. Its launch revealed that while everyone wants to abandon them for good, most still rely on them to perform their tasks.

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