Automated Recruitment Platforms: Four Key Success Strategies

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Instead of replacing recruiters, automation is intended to enable them to work more productively and make better judgments more quickly. an automated hiring platform provides many value adds, including higher productivity and reduced time spent interviewing individuals who might not meet the requirements.

Organizations all across the world quickly embraced digital technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing them to operate, communicate, and cooperate without having face-to-face meetings. These firms also had to swiftly change how they conducted interviews throughout the employment process, switching to video conversations. Some hiring teams adopted automated hiring systems to aid in navigating this new normal.

Despite the obvious advantages of automated platforms, it’s crucial to use technology while still following conventional best hiring practices. According to a 2020 press release from Gartner, over 86% of businesses use automated tools to handle the employment process and conduct interviews. 

The following tips might assist enterprises in making sure that they portray their organization favorably and that they are considerate of applicants and their time.

Expect mistakes and be ready for them

Automated platforms may produce unforeseen outcomes with any AI-driven technology. Automated platforms can generate biased results since they were developed by people, particularly with regard to gender or ethnicity.

Consider automating just what is required to prevent prejudice. For example, an automated interview tool can save time in examining a candidate’s abilities and knowledge. However, it might not be the most excellent method to assess a potential worker to use the same device to conduct an interview that calls for verbal replies. Since technology is never completely reliable, it is crucial to thoroughly check and evaluate the outcomes of any automated assessment.

Comprehend the technology

Almost everyone has learned firsthand that using digital platforms to carry out procedures that have traditionally been carried out in person may be challenging and fraught with difficulties.

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Although testing can help companies prevent the majority of these interruptions, they have more significant effects throughout the employment process. Understanding the digital platform, they employ for interviews is crucial if hiring managers want to comprehend how the process feels to applicants. Internal platform testing may significantly minimize the likelihood that it will fail for a candidate, which is crucial given how picky today’s job searchers are in the cutthroat job market.

Provide assistance to candidates

Automation has inherent limitations when it comes to giving candidates a personalized, encouraging interviewing experience. Although early evaluations may be conducted on an automated platform, one-on-one contacts between candidates and companies are still advantageous. These platforms make it simple for applicants to ask for assistance because they could also be unfamiliar to them, particularly to new graduates.

Hiring managers should provide a dedicated team to respond to inquiries throughout the process or use an automated chat agent. Candidates will feel more secure, and the organization will stand out from competitors who don’t provide assistance by adding this extra layer of support.

Automated platforms can be a game-changer if businesses want to grow their staff as effectively as possible. Thanks to these tools, employers, and applicants may determine whether there is a match early on in the interview process. Additionally, hiring managers may be sure that only candidates who are competent for the relevant post are getting their time.

However, candidates may find it challenging to use automated platforms, so hiring managers should be careful to provide assistance. A personalized note after the interview and timely updates on the job application progress can help companies stand out as more enterprises implement automation.

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