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Augmented AI Defining the New Reign of AI Advancements

By Debjani Chaudhury - October 18, 2019 2 Mins Read

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Gartner predicts that by 2021, Augmented AI would create up to US$2.9 trillion of business value with 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally.

Further, Gartner confirms that Augmented Intelligence and AI are collaborating to enhance cognitive performance that includes decision-making, learning, and new experiences. As AI technology evolves, the combined AI and human capabilities that augmented intelligence allows will deliver more significant benefits to enterprises. By 2030, decision support and augmentation will surpass all other types of AI initiatives to account for 44% of the global AI-derived business value.

According to the AI business value forecast by Gartner, customer experience is the primary source of AI-derived business value. Augmented intelligence reduces errors while delivering customer convenience and personalization at scale, democratizing what was available to the select few. The goal is to increase efficiency with automation along with a human touch and common sense to manage the risks of decision automation. However, according to experts, AGI or Augmented AI differs from the original concept of AI in such a way that an augmented AI algorithm would attain the same spot as the intelligence of a human. AGI is much smarter than regular AI. Significantly, OpenAI has always been aiming to develop AGI for the benefit of industries.

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According to experts, AI is already helping to prevent and predict downtime in the industries that need a constant flow of products to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. The industry is still emerging through the first wave of AI adoption, and it has left some scars on it. People simply jumped on the hype too quickly. AI is best employed in delivering scale and speed. All of this implies that Augmented AI will take the forefront in the future, with fewer requirements for human intervention. Experts consider this as a tool to find hidden meaning within data by unleashing correlations and patterns on a massive scale.

AGI will empower companies to fertile new data through the emergence of new applications. It will also improve decision-making. In short, the techniques of AGI will rule the technological forefront in the future.


Debjani Chaudhury

Debjani Chaudhury works as an Associate Editor with OnDot Media. In this capacity, she contributes editorial articles for two platforms, focusing on the latest global technology and trends.Debjani is a seasoned Content Developer who comes with 3 years of experience with Fashion, IT, and International Marketing industries. She has represented India in International trade forums like Hannover Messe, Germany.

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