Artificial Intelligence: A Blessing or Bane for the Employees?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has enormous potential for making the world a better place to live. AI has an unquestionable impact on the global industry, despite its arguable benefits and drawbacks. Every day, it grows, ensuring the long-term viability of businesses. To succeed in many new-age jobs, AI literacy and up skilling are certainly required.

Artificial intelligence has drastically transformed the way numerous sectors operate. The health, education, manufacturing, business, and agricultural sectors are all heavily influenced by technology. AI has also opened up a slew of new work prospects for the general public. There is a lot of discussion about how AI and robotics are gradually taking over occupations. The technology eliminates jobs, but it also creates new opportunities for people. AI is here to stay, and it will assist people in working more efficiently. The role of AI in worker rights is critical.

AI boosts worker productivity

All industries are attempting to incorporate AI to assist their employees in increasing their productivity. It aids in the solving of difficulties, the completion of complex activities, and increases worker efficiency by removing human errors. With AI and robots, everything from gathering data to analyzing it and providing feedback is really simple. Many large companies, for example, use chat boxes to communicate with their customers on a daily basis. This is often utilized for providing prompt customer service. This, in turn, boosts productivity and has proven to be quite profitable.

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AI improves security

The leak of sensitive documents without the awareness of employees is a widespread concern in today’s business world. However, AI ensures that a company’s data and documents are safe. Artificial intelligence is boosting the labor market, but it is also putting employees’ rights in jeopardy. Many workers are losing their employment as a result of the introduction of more efficient machinery and technology, which reduces manpower efficiency. Smart systems and automated functions are progressively replacing human labor.

AI is more accurate and capable of handling difficult tasks than humans

Humans have a tendency to make mistakes. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is impervious to mistakes. They are extremely precise in whatever they do. Jobs like data entry, typing, and data analytics should be error-free, or else confusion may arise. All of these jobs can be efficiently taken over by AI. Various factory jobs result in people being gravely hurt or murdered. In this situation, AI can be utilized to keep workers safe and do tasks efficiently. While machines can be damaged or destroyed, they are sufficiently robust to survive threats.

Despite its many benefits, AI will never be able to take over occupations because of the following reasons:

Machines are unable to think creatively

Regardless of how capable AI is at carrying out tasks, at the end of the day, it is humans who need to think creatively, plan out plans during a crisis, and use their brains to lay the groundwork and make critical decisions. While AI can be useful, it cannot run a business without the support of humans. AI will not be able to replace any job that demands critical thinking or creative problem-solving.

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AI is incapable of forming strong bonds

It’s all about making connections with other businesses and customers in the business world. Machines or robots lack the ability to build human-to-human trust and connection, which is required to relax, communicate, and open up. Machines can assist with technical tasks, but they lack human intimacy. Communication skills, empathy, strategic thinking, common sense, and decision-making abilities are all lacking in machines and robots.

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