How to Implement Digital Transformation on a Lean Budget

Digital transformation on lean budget

Organizations earlier dependent on legacy systems and face to face communications with clients are currently looking for adopting digital transformation on a lean budget

CIOs acknowledge that organizations were dependent on physical business premises and in-person transactions for business productivity and revenue, for the foreseeable past, when it made sense to leverage paper systems and legacy platforms. IT leaders point that adopting electronic payment services, a website or a mobile app is not equivalent to a digital-ready organization.

Digital Transformation – How Cloud Services Are Helping Enterprises Tackle Challenges

The current pandemic scenario has resulted in changed guidelines and policies for social distancing and remote work set out by the business world. In the current scenario, organizations are encouraged to take a deep dive into the transformation processes rather than baby steps, to ensure seamless productivity.

Eliminating paper processes and legacy platforms

CIOs acknowledge that all organizations might be incapable of handling the volume of unemployment and financial debts in the current scenarios. Many legacy systems have buckled due to the inefficiencies that were not handled well.

Top Three Ways to Streamline and Accelerate Digital Transformation

Remote employees have stated that adjustment was difficult especially due to payroll and accounting software. They were sent checks over the mail and had to figure out ways to comply with the shelter-in-place policies while depositing their checks.

Digital solutions at discounted prices

CIOs say that cost was a major factor why organizations were slow in taking up digital transformation during the pre-COVID times. Vendors are cashing in on the current situation to help out enterprises with digital solutions at a lower price.

IT leaders point out that successful implementation boosts the vendors’ reputation, trust, and client base. Most of the third-party vendors have offered their tools, platforms, and apps either for free or at a much-reduced price.

Digital Transformation – Employees Observe Areas of Improvement in Their Organizations

Cisco Webex services have offered an extension of the 90 days license regardless of the organization being current clients or not. LogMeIn has offered most of its services for free to organizations for the next 3 months via Emergency Remote Work Kits.

Enhancing testing functionalities

IT Security leaders say that organizations were earlier hesitant to deploy new tools with the fear that if something backfired, the productivity will face downtime or impact the quality of customer experience offered by them. Organizations are advised by their IT teams to take the opportunity and test as many digital solutions as possible in the current scenario. Vendors have offered a trial period for their services keeping in mind the current situation.

CIOs believe that this the perfect time to utilize digital solutions, gather feedback from both employees and end-users. Analyze which is best suited for the organization and establish good collaboration with the third-party vendors. Organizations will be ready with relevant tools when the post-COVID environment returns to a more conventional business environment.

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