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AI and Automation- their steady role in transforming the enterprise world

By Megana Natarajan - October 08, 2020 3 Mins Read

CIOs acknowledge that steady advances in disruptive tech like Automation, artificial intelligence, and similar technologies have transformed the conventional structure of business processes 

AI and automation have created new ways for enterprises to become more productive and drive efficiency. The majority of the organizations consider Automation and AI as the motivation behind the organizational change that resulted in revenue and business profile growth. Deployment of AI-based chatbot for direct interaction with clients can serve as a good entry point for enterprise leaders to fully experience AI solutions’ real strength.

Enterprise leaders are aware that AI and Automation can help organizations implement responsiveness, cost optimization, and agility. These features allow organizations to adapt faster and more comfortably to unprecedented situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Automation plays a significant role in speeding up the transformation process within an enterprise by deploying workflows and strategic initiatives to match the business situation’s dynamic variables. Machine learning allows business leaders to harvest relevant information, streamline data continuously, and implement it as per the needs.

Tech-savvy enterprises are known to leverage everything to help them stay ahead of the general competition and innovation. AI-based systems help them to focus and explore the right resource pool needed to ensure success. The same tech can be used to query data within the enterprise and provide correct inputs for choosing recruits, to make a sufficient difference.

Technologies have a profound impact on the production and operational activities of enterprises. Businesses can enjoy uncountable advantages from new technologies like advanced Automation. It’s a good way for them to cement the revenue flow. AI systems can be used to ensure the highest liquidity by automating reminders and data processing.

Advantages of AI and advanced automation solutions

Generally, advanced automation solutions are developed for use along with cutting-edge business models like Six-Sigma, Lean production, SaaS, etc. Such solutions play a critical factor in reducing operational costs. Business processes are made efficient and robust with the help of automation tech. Solutions like Six-Sigma are good for ensuring efficiency in an enterprise; it ensures tasks are completed and delivered within the set budget and time. By this method, variations are kept to a minimum, and the error-rate is also reduced.

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IT and HR support are generally located at designated physical spaces or call centers in a conventional organization. Due to the pandemic, as most enterprises embraced remote work, employees expressed to need to get in touch with either team to have their questions answered. AI and Automation have managed to handle all these interactions seamlessly and efficiently to better the stakeholder experience.

New tech can help transform organizations at a rapid pace allowing leaders to gain a good market share. Advanced Automation solutions help enterprise leaders develop an engaging and interactive platform for clients, while AI can help produce automated data accessibility reports.

Such automated reports help departments like Sales and Marketing ensuring that clients are conscious of discounts, promotional offers, sales, etc. Businesses find it easier to answer client queries by proactive measures used in such solutions. This promotes customer retention, buying decisions, and loyalty.


Megana Natarajan

Megana Natarajan is a Global News Correspondent with OnDOt Media. She has experience in content creation and has previously created content for agriculture, travel, fashion, energy and markets. She has 3.9 years’ experience as a SAP consultant and is an Engineering graduate.

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