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51% of Global Knowledge Workforce will be Working Remotely by the End of 2021

By Vishal Muktewar - July 07, 2021 3 Mins Read

51% of Global Knowledge Workforce will be Working Remotely by the End of 2021

A recent report from Gartner suggests that by 2024 there will be a dramatic shift in the working model with many employees preferring remote work and organizations opting for hybrid models.

According to Gartner, 51% of knowledge workers across the globe will be working remotely, a significant rise from 27% in 2019. Currently, remote working varies considerably depending on IT adoption as well as the culture of various industries. The Gartner report further predicts that 31% of the workforce will be remote by 2022.

While the US will lead in terms of remote workers in 2022, with 53% of its total workforce, other countries won’t be far behind with UK to represent 52% followed by Germany (37%) and France (33%).

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The Impact on IT through 2024

The demand for workers from anywhere will force enterprises to reassess their IT infrastructure. This will require organizations to accelerate their digital business transformation plans at a rapid pace. Organizations will need to continually invest in strategic remote-first technology continuity implementations alongside new technologies such as AI, hyper-automation and collaboration technologies.

Surge in demand for PCs and tablets

With the hybrid workforce continuing to have a strong foothold in the workplace of the future, the demand for PCs and tablets will increase. A hybrid workforce will continue to increase the demand for PCs and tablets. In fact, in 2021 alone, PC, as well as tablet shipments, are expected to exceed 500 million units for the first time in history. This showcases the demand across both consumer and business markets. Enterprises will also need to deploy the cloud to enable remote workers. Moreover, CIOs and IT leaders will increase their expenditure on public cloud services to prioritize cloud-delivered applications such as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

To keep their workforce engaged, enterprises will continue to use social and collaboration tools which will lead the social software and collaboration revenue market to increase by 17% in 2021. When it comes to connectivity, many enterprises had to alter and adopt several IT approaches to ensure business continuity among their remote workers. Also, to keep the endpoints secure, enterprises will shift towards zero-trust network access from client-facing VPN services.

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Reanalyzing hybrid work

With many employees continuing to opt for remote work, enterprises will need to rethink and reanalyze their strategy for this working model. They need to work on how they will get the work done, reconstruct the office space both in its reduction and use of the remaining for collaboration. Additionally, the HR department will need to create a comprehensive employee agreement that takes account of the total employee experience.

The statistics from Gartner show that the remote working market has the potential to grow. As employee preferences and employers’ ability to hire and support work-from-anywhere employees conflict with each other, it will be interesting to see how the future of modern workplace unfolds.

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