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5 Top Trends Influencing the Cloud Computing Market

By Debjani Chaudhury - July 13, 2020 3 Mins Read

Cloud Computing Market

Organizations, regardless of their sizes, have recognized the importance of cloud
computing and are actively moving forward to its adoption in the current lockdown world.

While many businesses are running critical workloads in one or multiple public clouds, the rest are either stuck thinking about complete migration to the public cloud or struggling to adopt other evolving forms of cloud computing, as a hybrid cloud.

With the rapidly changing face of the enterprise, and the drastic transformations that enterprises are facing, cloud adoptions will be in the limelight. While the cloud has been around for some time, the current situations will speed up the adoption and leverage of these technologies that will add value to the cloud as a business infrastructure rather than just an enabler.

Serverless Computing

According to the latest Gartner report, over 20% of global organizations will focus on deploying serverless technologies in 2020 and beyond. And, this mode of operation will fundamentally not change the economics of back-end computing but will now become the core of the future of distributed computing itself.

Hybrid Cloud is the choice for today

The adoption numbers of hybrid clouds are on a continuous upward curve, focused on higher TCO with the scalability of public clouds as well as leverage the advantage of private clouds-secure, superior end-user experience.

All organizations try to leverage data to the core to derive business-impacting insights, and in the process, they continue to generate more data. While the cloud is the perfect way to get the desired outcome at the required speed, costs will be further optimized by judicious use of AI/ML technologies.

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Quantum Computing

With the expanding and globally well-distributed user-base, complicated application
architecture, and high-end computing infrastructure – it is critical to delivering a rich end-user experience. Quantum computing ensures increased usage of computing power and, in turn, more energy. The benefits of quantum computing are endless, as it has the potential to limit energy consumption to have a positive effect not only on the environment but also on the overall economy.

Ready with the right DR/BC strategies for the cloud

A common area of recent concern for any organization while considering cloud computing is to ensure security. However, as most companies try to become digital and cloud-native, the most important aspect to be considered is the DR setup and compliance with the major regulations that may be applicable including, GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

Even in case of the slightest downtime, there will be a huge loss of revenue, dip in customer experience, and damage to the brand reputation and image. The cloud offers multiple solutions to match all of these business requirements, and using them effectively will be the right approach for organizations.

In the 2020 world of COVID-19, companies are struggling to drive business continuity and
growth, and for that, they need to evaluate and deploy the best available cloud computing

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Debjani Chaudhury

Debjani Chaudhury works as an Associate Editor with OnDot Media. In this capacity, she contributes editorial articles for two platforms, focusing on the latest global technology and trends.Debjani is a seasoned Content Developer who comes with 3 years of experience with Fashion, IT, and International Marketing industries. She has represented India in International trade forums like Hannover Messe, Germany.

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