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5 Questions to Ask About Customer Experience (CX) Plans

By Umme Sutarwala - October 19, 2021 4 Mins Read

5 Questions to Ask About Customer Experience (CX) Plans

The pressure is on for businesses to provide excellent customer service (CX). However, organizations need to invest in the correct data and technology in order to provide a high-quality and holistic Customer Experience. Investing in technology to improve CX can feel like a gamble for IT leaders who have a lot of options.

Legacy CX approaches are no longer sufficient in today’s increasingly complex digital market. Businesses require a strategy that allows them to acquire the correct information about the right individuals, as well as the necessary technologies.

Answering the following questions can help firms evaluate their options, whether they are looking for improved analytics or an experienced management tool.

Do companies have a solid customer experience strategy?

Businesses should first define their customer experience strategy before investing in any technology. There are various factors to think about, including competitor and market data, as well as information about present customers especially, what do they value most about the company? The CX purpose and vision, as well as how organizations will measure customer happiness and commercial objectives, should all be included in the plan. Companies should also convey their strategy throughout the organization to ensure that their people and processes are in sync.

What issues are firms trying to address?

Are businesses attempting to scale personalization or are they trying to enhance responsiveness in order to respond to client inquiries more quickly? Identifying the precise problem that organizations are attempting to solve will assist them in determining which technologies are most suited to their requirements and avoiding wasteful purchases. Businesses should also determine how the technology or platform will aid in the solution of the problem.

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What is the projected return on investment?

Businesses should describe how they will measure their return on investment in addition to considering the technological expenditure. How long will it take to see a return on investment in terms of revenue and reduced operating costs? What will the remuneration be? Will it show up in the form of new customers? Return on investment (ROI) is critical for gaining buy-in since it allows organizations to demonstrate the technology’s concrete influence on their bottom line.

What will be the impact of new technology on existing tools and processes?

Consider how organizations will function with their current tech stack before determining which technologies to embrace. Will businesses have to fully replace existing systems, or will they be able to work alongside the new technology? Before investing, make sure that businesses can effortlessly incorporate technology unless they are willing to develop an altogether new system. Businesses will also want to make sure that they have the skills needed to support their new technology.

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What criteria will companies use to assess the success of their new technology?

Measuring CX performance can be difficult because organizations will almost certainly have a large amount of qualitative and quantitative data to analyze. However, the success of the technology will be determined by the problem that organizations are attempting to solve. It’s vital to create clear and measurable KPIs before introducing new technology, whether they employ customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores or reduce customer churn.

Data-driven customer experience: Strategy first

Businesses should be able to decide which technologies are worth investing in a digital environment where new technologies are continuously entering the market. Businesses should lay out a sound strategy and ask important questions about what they want and how they will measure its success before ever considering new technologies.

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