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5 Must-Ask Cloud Computing Solution Providers

By Umme Sutarwala - October 26, 2021 3 Mins Read

For many firms, cloud computing is increasingly becoming the standard method of managing IT operations. Many businesses have become so reliant on cloud computing services that they wouldn’t be able to exist without them. As a result, finding the right provider is the most difficult task.

Over the last decade, cloud-based products and solutions have progressed, allowing for greater scale and possibilities. Cloud service providers are releasing cloud solutions and services for a wide range of verticals and sectors, while hyper-scale cloud providers are expanding their platforms to build an all-in-one enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure.

Here are some cloud computing questions to ask solution providers during product evaluation to assist firms to evaluate possible cloud computing solutions.

What steps can a company take to incorporate cloud services?

Businesses may get into a managed service agreement with a managed service provider to achieve a certain purpose but then demand more. Many businesses believe they only want assistance in migrating their data and applications to the cloud, but later discover they need to automate their processes. Since the initial agreement only covers the services they begin with, it’s critical to understand how expanding services affects the relationship in terms of cost and support.

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What security services are provided by the managed service provider?

Businesses that incorporate a managed service provider into their cloud deployment should ensure that they have robust security systems in place to protect their data. To protect their cloud environment from both internal and external security threats, every service provider should implement native security procedures and strategies. This is also true in terms of data compliance; a managed service provider should reveal any and all data regulations that they are able to meet.

Is hybrid cloud/multi-cloud supported by the service provider?

Many firms are implementing hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructures, and they should ensure that their potential managed service providers can handle these deployments. Some providers handle only one public cloud vendor, while others manage multiple cloud providers; some can manage both on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Knowing what an MSP covers ahead of time will assist organizations in determining which providers will be suitable for their needs.

Is the service provider expected to expand in the near future?

Since the cloud managed services market is still in its infancy, many managed service providers are anticipated to grow their operations in the coming years. Businesses need to know what services their potential managed service providers already offer, what services they aim to offer in the future, and when they expect to implement them as providers continue to grow. Knowing a service provider’s roadmap assists companies to understand what they can and cannot provide right away.

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Is it easy to switch cloud-managed service providers?

After working with a managed service provider for a while, a company may discover that they aren’t the appropriate fit for them. It happens more frequently than companies realize, but if they don’t prepare for it, the expense of switching providers might be significant. In their service level agreement (SLA), MSPs should include an exit strategy. Businesses will be able to see how the service provider will help them successfully migrate away from their services.

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