5 Hot Infrastructure and Operations Trends Enterprises Must Watch Out for 2021

5 Hot Infrastructure and Operations Trends Enterprises Must Watch Out for 2021

Stability is key when it comes to infrastructure and production systems. However, as change is inevitable, enterprises may find it difficult to keep their systems stable. Hence, they must watch out for trends in infrastructure and operations to keep their system secure and reliable in today’s ever-changing enterprise environment.

The COVID-19 crisis has put immense pressure on the IT world, forcing enterprises to adopt the latest technology stack to keep their businesses intact. Though cloud and automation have played a crucial role in saving enterprises from the brink of collapse in the past few months, they cannot afford to stop at that, since change is the only constant in the IT world.

Teams that are responsible for creating code and keeping the systems running to deliver seamless performance have a major role to play in  the overall growth, increased ROI and enhanced performance of the enterprise. Therefore, they should always keep an eye on the latest infrastructure and operations trends that will enable them to provide robust security and faster speed without compromising stability.

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IT teams had been longing to move code out of the server room into the cloud. In the wake of COVID-19, they finally were able to move it as enterprises had to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Issues such as trust and security have also been taken care of by various cloud vendors. Hence, it is time for enterprises to think about supporting multiple clouds. Even though it will require more work to implement, enterprises can avoid the situation of vendor lock-in if their developers are careful in writing the code. Furthermore, it will provide an opportunity for CFOs to assess the cheapest providers for each type of workload.


Serverless tools enable IT teams to gain complete control over their environment. It provides them with the ability to root out inconsistencies that can be fatal for an infrastructure’s stability.

Serverless tools allow IT teams to write their code on a simple interface and only bill for the system when needed. They make it easier for IT teams to push computation to the edges of the network. This reduces the lag time and also increases the response as only a few packets travel far.

Ethical AI 

Ethical and green AI has emerged as one of the biggest infrastructure and operations trends. Today customers not only want an Artificial Intelligence that is useful but also wants one that has the right ethics in place and also aligns with their vision.

However, the Green version of AI may be easier to find when compared to the ethical one, because the definition means the usage of less energy which is something that is easy to measure. Today, AI developers are conducting various tests that consume less energy and deliver greater performance

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Zero Trust

As employees shifted to the remote working model, security professionals had no choice but to adopt security measures based on the model of zero trust. The model implies that each endpoint of an enterprise is always a step closer to getting compromised and hence, each packet must be encrypted and tested before providing authorization.


RPA (Robotic Process automation) has become one of the hottest technologies that is driving the digital transformation initiatives of enterprises. Using this technology many enterprises have drastically optimized their assets and improved their performance. This also enables non-technical personnel to accomplish a lot of tasks in their development process.

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