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4 Traits of a Growth-Oriented IT Leader

By Umme Sutarwala - July 29, 2021 3 Mins Read

4 Traits of a Growth-Oriented IT Leader

Since the world of enterprise is evolving at a faster rate than ever before, a growth mind set is essential for all leaders. It is a crucial orientation that ensures businesses stay focused on learning how to embrace the latest challenges and focus on discovering the best ideas to capitalize on these challenges.

IT companies, in particular, can benefit greatly from team members who have a growth mindset. Digital transformation, according to industry experts, is the most compelling business justification for adopting a growth mind set. When a leader displays a growth mindset, it fosters a more inclusive workplace, as companies recognize that each team member can benefit from the strengths and abilities of others.

Moreover, leaders who wish to listen to and learn from their early-career staff should have a growth mentality. The core abilities learnt decades ago are now increasingly losing their relevance. The new blood, with their new ways of thinking and perceiving experiences a can enable leaders to approach problems in ways they were never taught.

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4 characteristics of a growth mindset

IT teams pursuing ambitious goals need people with a growth mindset. The following are some traits and behaviors that indicate a growth mindset that IT leaders should look for in their teams or cultivate in themselves.


People that have a growth mindset are naturally interested, and they enjoy learning new things. Curiosity puts CIOs in a more open frame of mind, making them more responsive and capable of making intuitive leaps or recognizing flashes of insight. They want to continue to get ideas from a variety of sources outside of their regular jobs. A specific approach that is highly effective is staying connected and ensuring that there is a good flow.

Strong desire for more

A leader who has an attitude of growth does not allow his or her team to rest on their previous achievements and skills. In order to build for the future, growth-oriented leaders should inspire their staff to be agile, curious, and tenacious in their pursuit of new skills and credentials.


People with fixed mindsets are more likely to maintain the status quo rather than prepare ahead and adjust to unforeseen events. However, professionals with growth mindsets are more likely to make significant progress on projects and organizational goals because they are resilient and agile, making it easier for them to pivot before it’s too late.

This is especially important in today’s fast-paced technology landscape. The best leaders proactively assess their skill, strategy, and risk in order to motivate their employees to carry out their vision on a daily basis. Those with a growth mindset relish the opportunity to take risks. They thrive on the opportunity of trying new things.

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Compassion and fortitude

This one might appear to be a little more obscure. Those with a growth mindset are more compassionate and forgiving of themselves when they make mistakes. Any failure is an opportunity for them to learn something new.

Problems are seen as opportunities to learn and progress by those who have a growth mindset. They perceive change as an opportunity to grow. They have the ability to recover from adversity.

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