4 Effective Metaverse Tools to Control Workplace Collaboration in 2022

4 Effective Metaverse Tools to Control Workplace Collaboration in 2022-01

Considered the next hot technology to emerge in 2022, metaverse technology is slowly finding its way into the workplace.

Following the global pandemic and increasingly remote work culture, horizon workrooms push users to wear a virtual reality headset while attending any video conference. This gives them the feeling of being in an office room environment, but virtually. However, many people would argue that installing a pound of virtual reality gear on the head would not improve this skeuomorphic meeting experience.

Following these changes in the technology world, Microsoft is also planning to bring the metaverse to work, and Microsoft Teams users will replace their video streams with the 3D avatars this year. This allows people to maintain a physical presence even when they are not camera-ready.

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Some top metaverse tools that will prove to be a game-changer:

1. Gather

Starting in the early days of the pandemic, Gather makes an easy way to collaborate with people user-built 2D worlds with spatial audio and video. The layout is reminiscent of the 1980 Legend of Zelda-the high fantasy action-adventure video game. Using cursor keys to move on their laptops through virtual environments, when users approach a person, both the audio and video fade making the networking natural. When joining a group of people, one can see them and hear their conversation and choose to stay or move on.

The most vital feature of Gather is custom world-building. With the help of this feature, users can even walk up to a co-worker’s cubicle to start an ad hoc conversation. Users can also go to the break-room through this feature to socialize as a group.

2. Branch

The branch is used to create and explore 2D worlds. While it is similar to Gather; the main difference is that its audio comes first. Instead of a Zelda-like sprite, the user’s face will sync with the voice.

3. Wonder

Instead of creating rich 2D worlds, Wonder lets users create a simple world to collaborate. Users can generate ice-breaker questions and make the conversation enjoyable as an added advantage. This is a perfect choice for professional topic-based networking events, and users can join the conversation circles in the topic areas.

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NOWHERE talks about the third dimension and comes with a variety of beautifully crafted prebuilt 3D worlds that users can easily customize. This includes art from the real-world events space, which becomes evident when users enter.

NOWHERE is an appropriate choice for virtual events and lets users create a virtual museum where they can place their artwork and company images according to their preference. The 3D navigation is easy to learn, and the tool includes spatial audio capability so they can have DJs playing music to set the mood. Unlike other metaverse tools, here, people will get a genuine welcome from the event members, and they will guide them about the navigation process for a better experience.

The metaverse is not a new technology to add to the toolbox. It is changing and developing its tools with time. Therefore, marketers and enterprise leaders need to approach metaverse holistically. The above tools every enterprise leader requires to investigate growing their business in the metaverse.

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