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3+ Crucial Cloud Strategies CIOs must Implement to Thrive (2023)

By Anushree Bhattacharya - January 04, 2023 4 Mins Read

3+ Crucial Cloud Strategies CIOs must Implement to Thrive (2023)

Since 2020, cloud technology has become an integral part of enterprise technology stacks, enterprises will continue to invest aggressively in cloud technology in 2023 by implementing innovative adoption strategies to bring value and innovation into businesses.

The investments in the cloud by CIOS will continue to grow in the near future with the rising development of cloud capabilities. With rapid and continuous advancements in cloud technologies, CIOs are increasingly looking to leverage these capabilities.

It is the most logical next step for enterprises looking to align their business processes with innovations in the cloud. They can better store data while enabling robust security measures and other business functionalities.

In 2023, enterprises can expect to encounter new cloud technology dimensions and devise strategies to implement business actions accordingly. CIOs will enable more opportunities from cloud technology and execute to build an intensive cloud-based infrastructure.

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A McKinsey report on cloud adoption found that businesses could generate about $1 trillion in value by 2030.

Cloud Strategies to implement on priority in 2023

Multi cloud capability

Multi-cloud provides more flexibility, agility, and greater control over data analysis. Its deployment empowers data and cloud infrastructure. Consider the year 2022, when hybrid cloud adoption skyrocketed among businesses.

Similarly, 2023 may be the year for enterprises to diversify their cloud functionality to multiply. This is a strategy that many technology leaders are considering in enterprises. CIOs can build applications and processes around multiple levels of cloud platforms if they use a multi-cloud infrastructure.

As a result, they can provide more cost-effective solutions to maintain applications, data, and robust cloud functionality to avoid malfunctions or data breaches entirely. A multi-cloud strategy allows applications and data to be easily portable across multiple cloud platforms.

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Hybrid cloud stays on the top priority

In 2022, for many CIOs and enterprises, getting on the cloud was ‘what’ they wanted to do with evolving business modules, applications, and data. Whereas, for many others, it was ‘why’ they wanted cloud strategies to be implemented at the frontier. These were some significant attributes of business transformational stories.

However, by the end of 2022, CIOs had put most cloud technology to good use, especially regarding data and applications.

Now that the responsibility for business operations is shifting, CIOs must prioritize impactful hybrid cloud strategies.

Responsible cloud technology provides a competitive advantage in data infrastructure management and governance. As a result, CIOs can easily align business transformation with new operational models and the entire IT environment.

AI MI-powered cloud

Many enterprises have an in-built AI infrastructure, which includes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in their cloud. This emphasizes that CIOs must invest in AI ML-powered cloud technology, resulting in the most cost-effective cloud functionality. This will also help to bring more customized & personalized marketing, data security, threat detection, data optimization, and aligning other business operations.

What can CIOs gain more by implementing AI MI-powered cloud strategies? Here’s a quick answer to it

  • Quick access to data relevant to the business
  • Scalability
  • Accurate algorithms

In 2023, CIOs can expect to see continued innovation in the cloud landscape, as is the trend being indicated by enterprises such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

In the digital world, competition is fierce and is becoming very tough at every level of business with each passing year. Remember, there will also be new businesses that will constantly stay alert in innovating and upgrading. Therefore, to thrive in 2023 rather than struggle again, it is brilliant for companies to innovate with the rising cloud possibilities.

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