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2019 Predictions for Cloud Services & Orchestration and DevOps

By ET Bureau - January 24, 2019 2 mins read

Insights by Edwin Yuen, ESG Senior Analyst

There is focus on three years for prediction of cloud and orchestration in 2019:

Expansion of hybrid variety of cloud: 2019 will see the expansion of the cloud into hybrid cloud. There could be an infra-op type of cloud but we have seen the rise of the cloud-down hybrid cloud, focused on applications, irrespective of infrastructure. Significant movements have been made towards this in 2018 by Amazon Web Services and Google and the pressure is now on, on Microsoft as well. These have created a new market for this tool- we need to see how MS will create their cloud down hybrid cloud in the coming year.

The rise of cloud management tools: This year will see the rise of cloud management tools. It would seem like any company that does not have a public cloud needs to get into this space. As traditional brands from the infrastructure side that lead the cloud management software market- VMware and HPE, extend their multi-cloud positioning, there will be good advancements in cloud-based solutions. Brands like Dynatrace, DataDog, SolarWinds, and Platform 9, that’s building consistent management as a service platform premise management service that is consistent with public cloud and on-premises service that is consistent with the public cloud, will be moving forward.

The rise of containers and serverless: There are brands like Istio and Knative that have offered overlap of capabilities. So we expect to see the additional collaboration between in serverless and containers.

So there are three very interesting concepts predicted for 2019, a rise of different types of hybrid clouds, cloud management solutions and how different types of containers and serverless working together.


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