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The CXO Today: Change Agent or Change Manager for Business and Digital Transformation?

By Kanika Goswami - February 06, 2020 3 Mins Read

The CXO Today Change Agent or Change Manager for Business and Digital Transformation

The job of a team leader is not only to strategize for growth, but also to get in the best technologies that meet company business goals, and ensure there is a great team to run all this. It is also about ensuring these strategies meet with success, and that employees get to understand why they have been put there in the first place.  The management parlance for this is -Organizational Change Management (OCM). Going beyond common sense of what a leader should be able to deliver, OCM is technical for ‘the- ability -to- drive- your -team -to- adopt- change -happily’. It is an ability that has become just as important as keeping the board happy.

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 Today, the ability to ensure the team does that will make or break a CXO’s leadership abilities. This capability is priceless for a successful executive. With enterprises globally on a relentless march to digital transformation, there will be an almost unlimited need for teams to be change-ready- both in technical terms as well as culturally.  Here OMC plays a very crucial role. If cultural change is not handled deftly, there are very high chances of failure with technological transformation as well. With technology innovating beyond the daily manual grind, there is a very high chance of people and processes needed to wake up to rude shock- manual jobs will now be done by AI and automation. RPA is taking over many jobs in many verticals. It would be wrong to expect that this change will not cause any heartburn in the resources.  A lot depends on the change management skills of leaders- if the company has to stay stable and teams intact.

Here, it’s important that CXOs understand that technology innovation, enterprise transformation is a delivery that has to be perfect- for the internal stakeholders. In effect, considering any technology change to be a mere tech-transformation will be erroneous. It is much more of a business change. In fact almost no IT implementation in an enterprise is a technology initiative- today, every technology tool or application, or solution is a business decision. Since it has to deliver business value, it is extremely important that it is accepted across the enterprise, and even measured by its applicability across the business process.

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The CXO and leadership executive team have to be the change manager here. Accepting the implementation means driving the change form top-down- and that is all that will ensure a successful transformation.  

Certainly, the CXO leadership is no longer an agent of change in technology; they are more evangelists of cultural change that technology will bring into the company!

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Kanika Goswami

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