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OCM – Organizational Change Management- Acing the Inevitable

By Kanika Goswami - February 14, 2020 3 Mins Read

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Not to be philosophical, but the only constant in the world (including the enterprise world), is changing. The biggest challenge to growth, hence, would be the ability to master the art of managing change.

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The risk is even higher in the digital era- when it’s not only the organization that faces change but the entire business environment- as it gets more connected, more real-time, more up in the cloud! The transformation is a business miracle, and like all miracles, it has its challenges. Like every new paradigm that is at first, difficult to understand, OCM is also a misunderstood activity, with a mist of suspicion and an aura of ‘difficult’ surrounding it.

As the change management becomes an organized management strategy, and OCM takes center stage, an increasing number of leadership-level executives are realizing its criticality to their teams. It is also painfully clear now that despite great technology, remarkable innovation, and perfect financial alignment, many business changes fail to be effective. The culprit is more often than not, ineffective OCM.

There are a few very key points that need to be identified. Apparently, one of the biggest pitfalls is that everyone thinks it’s someone else’s responsibility. So the whole organization is responsible for OCM to be successful but leaders cannot just have new technology or business strategy delivered and implemented and then wash their hands off it. It continues to be their responsibility to ensure it is adopted, used and delivers on promises. Or the investment- in time, skills and money, is a waste.

In real terms, transformation, even if technology-led, is never merely a technology project. It’s always about business. It’s always about business adoption delivering business profits. The drive for proper OCM has to be strong- and sharp. It needs a leader who pushes from the front- who ensures that change percolates to the last rung of the organization.

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At the end of the day, it’s about handling change- it’s about people, it’s about the conviction that the change is for the better. It’s about ensuring no one feels threatened by new technologies, and no one feels complacent because the technology will now take over.

Its finally about human elements, and that’s the face of leadership. It’s about the strength of faith that teams have in the leaders.

It’s not only an acronym, and goes beyond a management concept. OCM is about faith and hope.


Kanika Goswami

Editor-in-Chief - Ondot Media With over two decades of experience as a journalist, Kanika is the mentor and guide for Ondot media’s editorial team. She has worked with global media brands like IDG (CIO magazine) and Indian media brans like Economic Times, and has specialized in Enterprise technology content for over a decade now.

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