Coronavirus Pandemic – Public Clouds May Struggle To Keep Up with High Demand

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Coronavirus Pandemic - Public Clouds May Struggle To Keep Up with High Demand

Until now, a majority of the public cloud providers have kept pace with demands. However, they could probably reach their limits soon

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced more and more businesses to shift to remote working. This has resulted in a sudden rise in credibility for cloud computing and cloud-based systems. Globally, enterprises realize the value and capabilities of cloud computing. However, public cloud providers do have a certain limit on capacity. Since they provide resource sharing using advanced tenant management capabilities; their capacities can be expanded during this crisis but only up to a limit. Once the provider reaches that limit, employing rationing mechanisms will be necessary.

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Italy, which is one of the most affected countries in the world with coronavirus, witnessed stressed cloud servers owing to a mix of people streaming movies, playing online games, and running business-critical applications. Public cloud providers have not prioritized the usage just yet. However, soon enterprises using maximum cloud services will get preferential access over those who are binge-watching their favorite sitcoms or movies.

According to experts, the real challenge will begin once the COVID-19 crisis is over. There is a possibility that most enterprises affected by the pandemic will double down on cloud migrations. Although public cloud providers will be in a strong position owing to high demands, they will also need to come up with creative ways to accommodate the post-pandemic surge.

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There will be a sea change in the priorities around the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Enterprises will have to take measures to ensure that their applications and data are safe on these public clouds. The current pandemic is allowing businesses to keep a note of the glitches and complications arriving in business operations and develop solutions to ensure they don’t happen again.

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