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Business Processes Redefined (BPR) Offers Its U.S.-Based Call Center Network To Companies Experiencing Increased Customer Support Demands And Will Donate Five Percent Of Its New Call-Center Revenues To The WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

By ET Bureau - March 25, 2020 2 Mins Read

Business Processes Redefined (BPR) , U.S.-Based Call Center , Customer Support . Call-Center , WHO's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

Business Processes Redefined, LLC (BPR), a nationwide receivables management firm and a certified woman-owned business enterprise, is offering its network of call centers to companies inundated with a customer and other calls during the Coronavirus pandemic.  And BPR will donate five percent (5%) of its new call-center revenues to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund of the World Health Organization (“WHO”).

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“We are all experiencing unprecedented concerns due to the COVID-19 crisis,” said BPR’s President, Lauren Irwin-Szostak.  “One pressing concern for businesses is meeting the need to address increased customer communications when staffing and revenues have shrunk.  Never before have companies had to handle increasing call volume and rising customer support demands at the same time they cannot hire or train the additional resources required to do so.”

BPR employs a turnkey, onshore network and infrastructure of call center experts which can assist companies who need to enhance their customer responsiveness while they downsize their existing workforce or have their employees work remotely.  All BPR call centers are U.S.-based, manage high call volume, and provide inbound and outbound customer service support.  BPR records ALL calls and provides message taking, customer education, back-office support, and other such services.  BPR also provides daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly progress reports.

“Our call center specialists are highly trained and will provide consistency and control to companies’ communications,” Irwin-Szostak said.  “Outsourcing communication needs to BPR will enable companies to maintain their good standing with customers while offering opportunities for increased profits.”

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Irwin-Szostak also stressed that BPR “has always practiced ‘conscious capitalism,’ by which value-centered businesses serve as a force for social, and not just economic, good in order to contribute to humankind.”  Towards that end, she pledged that BPR will donate five percent (5%) of its call center revenues from new business to the WHO’s Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.


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