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Cyborg Systems Develops COVID-19 Tracking Software

By ET Bureau - March 31, 2020 3 Mins Read

On 16th March 2020, in his opening remarks, WHO Director-General stated unequivocally that urgent escalation in testing, isolation and contact tracing was required, which is the backbone of the response to fight COVID-19.

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A multinational supplier of technology used in national security, Cyborg Systems, has used its inherent expertise in tracking to develop ‘Unmaze’, a powerful solution to track those infected, and those who came in touch with them.

In a briefing to Nugen, the company’s spokesperson Mr. Alen Mateev stated that the technology is unique in that it works as an app, storing your GPS and vicinity data in the phone while alerting and picking unique ID of other users of the app. “The information remains in your app for 14 days, and is erased on a first in first out basis”, says Mateev. “Only if you came in contact with someone who tests positive are health agencies alerted and you are told to self-quarantine. It also alerts users when in the vicinity of an affected person, so that evasive action can be taken.”

The solution is comprehensive as it detects the vicinity of those infected, observes those in quarantine and can be integrated with other ankle and wristband solutions for those who are under forced quarantine. It is near tamper-proof to tackle runaway cases, which are the riskiest segment of the population.

Trials and deployments are already underway, and the company is busy deploying, training and integrating the solution for various government clients globally. “Simplicity is our mantra for the technology,” says Mateev. “It is the only solution that catches the full chain of those infected and under risk without false alerts, allowing the government to focus on real issues. No privacy laws are broken except if you come in close vicinity of the infected.”

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Cyborg is deploying the solution worldwide using remote deployment. Since travel is restricted, the solution is designed to be deployed without complicated integration. “You can be up and running with the app and the necessary control center within 15 days,” Alen smiles. “We are white labeling the solution for many countries. It is not about money. When it comes to countries that can’t afford the technology, we do it free of cost, as long as the customer is able to provide or buy third-party hardware and software.”


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