Focus areas for CIOs in 2021

Enterprise leaders have worked hard to discharge their responsibilities despite the shocker that 2020 was, but for 2021, operational agility will require higher emphasis, they say.

CIOs say that 2020 underlined the importance of rapid adaptability in the face of hurdles. In 2019 most organizations considered digital tech a “nice to have” tech rather than a necessary tech. Fast forward to 2020, and organizations realized the criticality of having digital tech in the stack for ensuring business and customer success.

Enterprise leaders predict that for 2021, a higher focus on operational agility is required. Majority of the CTOs and CIOs feel that the biggest obstacles in 2021 will be handling the pandemic recovery relevant to business operations. In order to prepare for the unprecedented and embrace whatever changes that 2021 brings in, leaders must boost their digital transformation measures and prioritize important tech practices.

Jeff Boone, CTO and Vice President, Engineering at Gluware

Jeff Boone, CTO and Vice President, Engineering at Gluware, says,” The success stories of 2021 will be about organizations that consolidate network operations around intelligent, intent-based network automation that genuinely delivers multi-vendor, multi-domain, and multi-cloud support. This approach will make it possible to automate enterprise architectures at scale while simplifying day-to-day operational needs to provide reliable business continuity and the ability to proactively and rapidly troubleshoot unforeseen network events.”


Balancing in-person and remote operations

This year, every enterprise, regardless of the industry, location, or size, was forced to completely re-analyze their business operations. Even when they deployed safety practices in the on-premise offices, they had to transition entirely to the work from home model. Many even settled for a hybrid of the two models; no organization has remained unaffected by the pandemic.

Entering into 2021, organizations are trying to make a slow comeback to the “normal.” There’s still a lingering question about how the new normal will pan out to be. Organizations worldwide realized that the remote world was sustainable and productive, so many companies are considering adopting a permanent hybrid business operating model.

End-to-end cloud tech and digital transformation will act as the biggest enablers in the shift. If not followed previously, CIOs need to rapidly deploy a cloud-based architecture to let employees work flexibly in the coming year. They should be able to easily switch between in-person and remote operations as and when required.

Accelerating automation with the help of intelligent decision making

CIOs believe that 2020 was the year of digital. Enterprises that had never thought of digitizing the business operations were forced to undergo a complete change in their approach. Automation has played a critical role in that shift and has enabled enterprises to optimize costs and reduce the person to person contact while continuing with uninterrupted operations.

It’s predicted that in 2021, hyperautomation will play a major role. By the hyperautomation process, organizations try to automate all processes that can possibly be automated. Especially enterprises that deploy point solutions to adapt and weather through 2020, the coming year is perfect for intelligently automating end-to-end, repeatable processes using bots.

CIOs can easily implement new-age tech like robotic process automation, AI, and business process management to boost end-to-end automation and serve improved CX.

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