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Automation trends in 2021: CIOs discuss on new strategies

By Megana Natarajan - December 18, 2020 3 Mins Read

Automation trends in 2021 CIOs discuss on new strategies

CIOs say that automation helps in improving the efficiency of the business workflows; the term simplicity sits well with automation policies

Enterprise leaders believe that automation needs to be discussed at the same time as efficiency. By common understanding, automation refers to making a process more efficient. This may refer to either people or their manner of doing the jobs, processes, and their results, or a comprehensive business and the daily operations.

Automation is also commonly correlated to the term: simplicity. This refers to the process of simplifying employees’ jobs, influencing processes to achieve the required goals, and also streamlining business processes.

When it comes to the IT industry, automation is used to streamline the complicated environments and systems. This includes deploying containers at scale, tackling hybrid multi-cloud and cloud infrastructure, and traversing the cloud-native landscape that expands on a daily basis. The tech is critical to ensuring the simplicity of environments.

The future of automation

IT leaders need to achieve some talent flexibility when employees are required to switch between teams as specialized cloud-native operational expertise moves towards automation. 2020 has toppled strategies for all enterprises.

How to approach automation in 2021

CIOs point out that the pandemic has bought in restrictions relevant to human-to-human communication mainly due to health concerns. Touchless and contactless mechanisms of employee and customer interaction will see more adoption in 2021.

Antony Edwards, COO of Eggplant.

“2020 has been an incredibly difficult for millions of businesses across the world, and in response, companies are increasingly depending on digital technologies to survive. The investment in digital will only increase next year, and as highlighted by Gartner,  global enterprise software spends is expected to reach $556 billion in 2021.

Investment in automation and the cloud will now be a key focus for businesses as they look to increase productivity and efficiency whilst making employees’ lives easier. This ability to automate will change how businesses operate and how they think about their business models,” says Antony Edwards, COO of Eggplant.

Pushing to decrease complexity

CIOs acknowledge that 2020 has been a very challenging year for most organizations and individuals. This will enable building strategies and automation in the next year. Leaders believe that enterprises will be encouraged to use automation to eliminate complexity whenever possible.

It is required to address the difficulties and realities associated with remote work and consistent uncertainty, and also as IT is the most complex department in any organization. As enterprises pushed towards Kubernetes and cloud-native ecosystem, so did the level of complexity and choices. CIOs say that the age-old IT adage of- complexity is only moved around and never done away with completely is true.

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Enterprise leaders point out that more organizations are focusing on SRE principles. It is an efficient measure to decrease the toil via smart and targeted automation. The majority of the organizations will choose to invest in high-value and least complexity automation.

Leaders say that automation of yesterday’s problem should be yesterday’s problem and automation of tomorrow’s growth is the current day’s future. Enterprises need to focus on the methods used for deployment or leveraging of automation at all possible places, rather than the solutions that they plan to deploy.


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